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Only Our Highest Rated Companies Get Awarded

Awarding companies who excel in customer service

Our research methods identify Star performers and capture information from the marketplace about the high levels of excellence they bring to it. In our research we tap a database of performance information that has been compiled on an ongoing basis since 2009, so it is more than a snapshot of “what did they do last?” Our analysis avoids both the “flash in the pan” and succumbing to unfounded negative commentary that may be featured prominently in other rating systems. Our research and subsequent ratings identify the reality through the smoke and noise that overcome many other review systems.

Want to learn the Star Award status of a company, confirming its recognition for embracing successful customer experience practices with superior build quality? Check here to determine if the company has had a 4-star or 5-star rating bestowed on them by the independent research of The Talk Awards.

Protect Your Brand

You’ve worked hard and long to build a reputation and a customer base. We are all aware of the many horror stories in which companies had a respected brand that consumers could trust only to have that tarnished by one or two negative reviews.

In some cases these reviews have been planted by competitors or disgruntled, terminated employees. The Talk Awards’ research department developed a way to help companies protect their brands and their reputations by analyzing data from multiple sources to determine their annual customer satisfaction rating.

Now, companies are protected by a third-party-credible rating system they can trust. The The Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award gives comfort and confidence to potential customers while helping companies keep the customers they already have.

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Attract New Business

The The Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award honors those companies earning the top ratings for customer satisfaction. Effectively promoting this honor contributes to the development of a brand of excellence, attracts new business, keeps customers coming back, and motivates staff and management.

Your reward for earning the award is an opportunity to build immediate confidence by sharing the news of our independent research confirming your high customer satisfaction. It distinguishes and differentiates you from your competition.

Use what you have! You earned this award! Spread the news! Our marketing packages have the tools you need. Our customer care specialists can work with you to best tell your story.

Keep Customers Talking

The The Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award honors those companies that have earned top ratings for customer satisfaction. Effectively promoting this honor contributes to the development of a brand of excellence that attracts new business, keeps customers coming back, and motivates staff and management.

You know that winning customer loyalty begins with top-level products and services. You also need to show your customers their importance by demonstrating appreciation and expressing thanks. This should be done in each interaction.

But do you reach every customer? Are there special customers or sources that you should individually reach? Is there anything you can do that is a tad beyond your usual routine to recognize and thank them?

Third-Party Credibility

Anyone can say they are great. Without verification, customers cannot distinguish the real business star from the braggarts…and they know they can’t! That is why they flock to online sources purporting to tell the real story. Ninety percent of new customers check you out before buying. What do they see? What will they see next month?

Unless you take the right steps to change it, what they will see is a hodgepodge of reports of mixed relevance and results. You need to find a way to have them see a credible report accurately reporting your superior customer satisfaction record. But you can’t just announce it on your own — whether true or not, most will view that as simple bragging.

If only you could be assured that they see The Talk Awards report of your Customer Satisfaction Award when they check you out online. But you can! We will explain how in a few moments.

Motivate Employees

Who is best positioned to know what your customers are saying about your company and its products and services? In most cases it is your staff.

Who is in the best position to provide excellent customer service and help keep customers coming back? In most cases it is your staff.

Who is most likely to determine whether you have happy customers telling their friends and colleagues about your service? Your staff!

And who can damage your reputation and harm your ability to attract new business or keep customers? In most cases it is your staff.

And what does research show is even more important to motivating your staff than money? Yes, research shows money is NOT the number-one motivator. Recognition and appreciation are!

Improve SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to receive best results in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. The better job you have done in search engine optimization the higher your company’s website will appear when people search for your type of business or products and services. Therefore more people are likely to see you online.

Many factors determine your SEO results: a well made website; keywords and descriptions built into the coding of your website pages; your social media pages and website linked to one another; the quality, amount and content on your website; links and other web pages that talk about your business; and more. Google and other browsers apply their criteria in an effort to learn how relevant and prominent you are and rank you accordingly.

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