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Tactical ways to leverage your award for growth

An online reputation can make or break a company’s success. In order to discover one’s online reputation, a simple search by name will reveal whether a person or company has a good or bad online reputation, or none at all. This is an often-overlooked aspect amongst business owners, but enabling potential customers to search for a company and discover positive reviews is key for marketing success. If customers search for a company and find negative results, they will be much less likely to use that company. If, however, the company uses effective online reputation management, an Internet search will reveal positive attributes about the company, making the customer much more confident in choosing the company’s product or service.

Top 5 Benefits of Your Award

Winning the Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award instantly distinguishes you as a leader in your industry. People have greater faith in award-winning companies as most see the honor as an indication that your service is one that can be trusted. You are a highly ranked business, and Talk Awards encourages you to take advantage of the benefits that come with your award and recognition. Showcase your award in person and online.  Use your status as an award-winner to fuel your marketing.


  1. To Gain New Customers – Consumers are curious about award-winning businesses. They often base their decisions on those of their peers. When they see that you have won the award, it can lead them to choose you over your competition because you have been recognized for giving customers what they want and expect.
  2. To Build Credibility Only the top consumer-rated businesses and professionals win the award. This builds credibility with your potential customers, patients and clients and boosts your reputation. Not every business will reach award status.
  3. To Build Relationships with Your Current Customer Base – When your customers see your award on display and know they played a part in your victory, they will take pride and “ownership” of their role. This will lead to them spreading the good news and remaining loyal to you in the future.
  4. To Retain Your Employees – The “stamp of approval” from an unbiased source improves employee morale. When employees are proud of their achievements, they share the news with prospects and customers. Learn more about how to keep your employees motivated HERE.
  5. To Upgrade the Value of Your Business – Awards can help businesses become profitable, more attractive to potential buyers and secure funding from the banking community by representing the award-winning business as a viable and stable business.

Grab control of your image and reputation and bring potential customers to your award page on our website. Use your personalized promotional materials including press releases, plaques, certificates and decals to display your Customer Satisfaction Award on your website and in your facility.

Value of Our Ratings

t’s a fact that most customers check you out online before “taking a chance on you” — especially the new customers critical to the healthy growth of your business. What do they see when they go online? They see review sites with comments sometimes all over the board, and sometimes with unjustified negative and damaging reviews from competitors, unhappy employees and people that just want to do harm. Negative reviews, unfounded or not, can make or break a business.

You can’t control the content on those sites, even when it is false and libelous — at least not without great and impractical effort and legal expense. That is where the value of the Talk Award is found! The Talk Awards Customer Satisfaction Award provides a straightforward, stable rating from an unbiased, independent, credible source that attests to your customer satisfaction track record! And you can ensure that they see this information by following the simple steps we have laid out for you.

This award can’t be bought. Our research is provided at no charge and posted on our website for everyone to see.

10 Steps to Success
  1. Learn why and how your business benefits from the Talk Award Here
  2. Check out your unique Star Page and make any desired edits
  3. Learn specific resources available to you to promote your business as a Talk Awards winner Here or contact a Talk Awards marketing consultant  for advice and assistance
  4. Promote your business by announcing and publicizing your award status where customers and prospects will see them Here
  5. Learn how to use your digital award images effectively and repeatedly for a low, one-time licensing cost
  6. Post the Talk Awards Award Plaque image on your website and link it to press releases or information you send out in your advertising or marketing materials. Click here for more information on professional assistance in developing press releases and effectively placing them
  7. Display your award materials prominently for daily messaging and branding at your location
  8. Congratulate and share the award with your staff, friends and family; consider a Certificate of Appreciation or having a celebration to thank them for their contributions and let them enjoy the award, too
  9. Spread the news and distinguish your company from others by using the award and its graphics in your email signature, on social media sites and in advertisements
  10. Update your company and personal biographies to include the award
For questions or assistance in implementing our 10-step program to an even more profitable and successful business, speak with a customer care specialist at (877) 712-4758.
Business Owners
Customer satisfaction is important as it has a direct impact on your bottom line. Millions of people use the Internet every day to search for business information and reviews/feedback prior to deciding where to go, which products to use or whose services to trust. Consumers and even competitors are able to post reviews and comments online, leaving strong business images and reputations extremely vulnerable. If a company gets high marks from its customers, it should be able to promote that and use it in its marketing campaign. It will help attract new business and gain market share. We aspire to provide the much-needed feedback that will help your company gain the winning edge that attracts new interest and generates new revenue. We provide promotional materials and services designed to get you the recognition you deserve for your high customer satisfaction ratings and the resulting honor from The Talk Awards.