Rating Process

Our Rating Process

We gather information from a combination of highly respected, no-cost, online user-review websites, blogs, social networks and business-rating services along with other online and offline sources including direct customer input, user experience, nominations and industry publications to measure customer satisfaction.

Star ratings from the websites, the number of user reviews, scores from other business-rating services and accolades found through our research establish the basis for our ratings. This annual audit provides data for a review process to evaluate and rate its findings. Based on the results of this review and internal guidelines we assign our own rating to act as a representation of the data we have accrued.

By combining all online information into one score, consumers and businesses receive a fairer overview of consumer feedback without having to spend hours locating all the information. Talk Awards takes the worry and work out of finding the top rated businesses across the country.

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Both business owners and consumers search our award pages to see who has received top honors. Only the highest rated businesses, those with a 4-star to 5-star rating, win The Talk Award. Let us help your business spread the word now!