Talk 2020 Award Winner, McCormack Roofing, Construction and Energy Solutions

2020 Marks 10 Straight for McCormack Roofing

Like their products, McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions’ customer service stands the test of time and earns a tenth consecutive prestigious Talk Award for customer satisfaction ratings.

Anaheim, California – McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions garners high praise from satisfied customers, leading to its tenth consecutive Talk Award.

When looking for a roofing contractor in the Los Angeles area with a solid record of excellent customer service, look no further than McCormack Roofing. The company has been serving residential and commercial clients in Orange County and the surrounding areas since 1992, developing a reputation for high-quality workmanship backed by an amazing customer experience.

McCormack Roofing specializes in composite, stone-coated, concrete and metal roofing installation and repair. In addition to 10 straight Talk Awards, the company is proud to have been named a 2018, 2019 and 2020 “Best of the Best” National Award Winner for Roofing.

However, McCormack Roofing’s talents don’t end with roofing. As the company has grown, so has its menu of services. Today, McCormack Roofing also installs windows, doors and solar panels; performs property management; and handles painting, insulation and HVAC work.

McCormack Roofing was an early proponent and installer of green energy systems for homes and businesses, and continues to work to reduce environmental impact wherever possible. Solar was a natural addition for the company, since solar panel installations are designed and required to integrate properly with the roofing system.

“It is a major benefit to have a contractor that is an expert in not only roofing systems, but also in solar technology, and that can design and integrate the entire system to provide the optimum benefits to you,” says Company President Jim McCormack.

“We will be happy to inspect your building and assess your roofing needs and applications,” says McCormack. “From there we can make recommendations based on extensive professional experience to provide solutions that help you make the most informed decision in maximizing your property investment.

According to McCormack, the company’s mission is to become the most respected roofing construction company in the industry. It accomplishes this goal by committing to constant and never-ending improvement; being a company that customers, employees and suppliers can trust; focusing on operational excellence in all areas of its business; really caring about customers, employees, suppliers and the communities they serve; and creating economic welfare for all.

“We have worked hard to recruit a committed and dedicated team of associates who share the same principles and values,” says McCormack.

With 10 Talk Awards to its credit, McCormack and his team are doing something right and customers are responding with high praise.

“We are so thankful to McCormack for their understanding and the great work ethic of their staff. They are a respected company with exceptional employees and I wouldn’t think twice about referring them to anyone looking for an honest, professional, licensed and bonded roofing company with courteous and efficient employees,” says Jennifer Neves, one of McCormack’s clients.

“They showed up on time and completed on schedule despite finding quite a lot of termite damage that required repair prior to the roofing replacement. They did a fantastic job of site clean up and my driveway was cleaner after they left than before they arrived! Customer service was very good and they stayed in touch throughout, updating progress, getting approvals prior to proceeding with repairs, etc.,” says Robert F., a client from Redondo Beach, Calif.

McCormack Roofing, Construction & Energy Solutions is located in Anaheim, California. For more information, call 714-777-4040 or go online to Visit the company’s Award Page at

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