Create Attention-Getting GMB Posts with your Talk Award 

Earning a Talk Award is a momentous occasion for your business. It shows that you stand out from the competition and gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your company. Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) alone gives you multiple useful opportunities to create attention using your Talk Award. Take a look at just some of them. 

Announce the Award in a Post

The most obvious way to use your Talk Award in a post is to write about it. Let people know that your company won the award. This type of post would be an “update” or “what’s new” post. 

For the best results, keep the post short and interesting, add images, and include statements of gratitude. For example, you can thank your customers for their loyalty or reviews that helped you earn the award. 

Don’t forget that these posts can include a call to action with a button. Use that button strategically to boost attention. Or just stick to the “Learn more” button with a link to your blog post or press release about winning the award.

Create a Post Using Your Custom Digital Images

When creating a post on your Google Business Profile, it’s smart to use an image. This will grab even more attention. 

The best image for a post about your Talk Award will be the custom digital image you get from the award. Because of its customization and the fact that it is official, this image adds a great deal of credibility to your post. 

After all, anyone could claim to win an award, but displaying your custom image proves that you did. 

Take Photos of Your Award in Your Establishment

While the custom digital image is one of the best photos to use, it is not the only option. 

You should also consider taking a photo of your award in your establishment. You can take a few variations of photos, like a photo of the award alone and with your team around it.

Like the custom digital image, this will add legitimacy to your announcement, as it will show the physical award. It also gives visitors to your GMB page a glimpse inside your establishment, helping them see what to expect. 

If you choose a photo of the award with various members of your team, it also adds a human element, helping you connect with potential customers.


Use the Digital Award Emblem

Yet another option to make your post stand out is to use the digital award emblem. There are numerous ways to use this emblem, and you can start by putting it in your Google Business Profile post. 

But you can also add the emblem to the corner of the other images you post on your Google Business Profile. Just shrink the image and superimpose it like you would your company name and logo. In doing so, every image you post on your Google Business Profile shows that you are an award-winning business.

Make a Related Event

Events are one of the types of posts that you can make on your Google Business Profile. So, consider making an event to celebrate earning your Talk Award and then sharing it on your Google profile. 

Also, an event to celebrate the award will help attract attention. You can invite customers and give small gifts or snacks as a thank-you for their support. 

While the event itself will start attracting more attention to your business, posting it on your Google Business Profile will get even more attention. People will see the event when they search for your business. It will also appear on Google’s calendar of events.

Bonus: Attract Attention on GMB on More Than Posts

Posts offer an excellent way to use your Talk Award to get attention on your Google Business Profile, but you can also maximize your profile in other ways.

  • Mention It in Your Description
  • Consider adding the fact that you are an award-winning company to your business’s description. 
  • Add Photos

Remember that you can add photos to your Google Business Profile outside of posts. Do this with any of the options mentioned above, such as the custom digital image, the digital award emblem, or a photo of the physical award in your location.


Once you win a Talk Award, you should use it to your advantage to bring more attention to your business. Posts on your Google Business Profile are an excellent opportunity to do so, as you can write about the award and share images related to it. In addition to posts, be sure to include information on your new award elsewhere on your Google Business Profile. 


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