Your Guide to Google Business Profile Posts

Your Google Business Profile is completely free to claim and use, and it is something that every business should take full advantage of. With a Google Business Profile, your company becomes easier to find, and you are more likely to rank highly on Google search results. While most companies claim their Google Business Profile and …

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Create Attention-Getting GMB Posts with your Talk Award 

Earning a Talk Award is a momentous occasion for your business. It shows that you stand out from the competition and gives you plenty of opportunities to promote your company. Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) alone gives you multiple useful opportunities to create attention using your Talk Award. Take a look at just …

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How Awards Boost Your Business Reputation

Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents It is natural for a company to feel proud of its awards, which can also boost business reputation. Awards, especially those from a well-respected independent review organization, show that your company stands out in crucial ways. The award itself gives customers a …

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What Exactly are Keywords?

You will come across some very important terms once you start looking into SEO or any form of internet marketing. You will see numerous articles referencing keywords but may still find yourself asking exactly what they are. Defining Keywords Keywords are topics or phrases that are the definition of your brand’s content. When you take …

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3-SEO Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you are incredibly familiar with your particular niche, whether you are a mechanic, own a gym, or sell antiques. But you may not be familiar enough with various marketing methods, such as SEO. Given the importance of SEO for local businesses, it’s not something you can ignore. Remember that SEO …

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How to Use Keywords in Your Social Media

You may already use keywords as part of your SEO strategy. Still, you may not realize that you should also use keywords on social media .  Keywords on Social Media Work the Same as on Your Website There’s good news regarding social media and keywords. You can use keywords on social media platforms just like …

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Local SEO

Local SEO IS Important to My Business

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Local SEO is crucial to every small business, making it a facet no one can overlook. Overall, a solid online strategy will help you build authority with customers and attract talent to your company. Explore some of the reasons why local SEO makes such a big difference.   Improving Local SEO Makes …

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Tips for Team Recognition

Don’t underestimate the importance of team recognition, but how do you recognize your team and show appreciation? The following tips will help you do that.  Evaluate Whether Your Employees Feel Valued Highlight What You Value, Not Just Accomplishments Recognize Employees Proactively List Item #1 Be Specific in Your Recognition Deliver Recognition Promptly Ways to Show …

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Team Recognition

Importance of Team Recognition

Every small business should make it a point to recognize its team members and the value they provide to the company. Team recognition will improve employee morale, helping you retain employees and potentially improving the customer experience. It will also make your company attractive to newtalent. Explore the importance of team recognition and some best …

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