Is Your Beauty Salon Taking Full Advantage of Google Business Profile Posts? 

Despite the effect COVID-19 has had on salons, the beauty industry continues to grow. There are more salons and stores daily catering to the health and beauty needs of the public. There are many ways to market your salon, but one of the best ways is to fully utilize your Google Business Profile. You will want to claim your profile page and fill in all the details to promote your salon. 

What Does Your Beauty Salon Need to Have in Its Google Business Profile?

This feature is free and easy to use and, therefore, should be one of the first things you do for your salon. The following are just a few of the important details you should include on your profile:

  • A description of your spa or salon and what services you offer
  • Available days and open hours
  • Business address and phone number
  • Link to the salon website
  • Link to contact details
  • Upcoming events your salon is participating in
  • Discounts, promotions, or special deals
  • New salon staff
  • Screenshots of good feedback
  • Pictures of superb styling you’ve done
  • Awards
  • FAQ
  • Videos and pictures of your salon
  • Continuing education you participate in

Learn More About Google Business Profile Posts

Just like Facebook posts, Google Business Profile posts let your clients know what your salon is doing. This is best done with a variety of videos, photos, and text descriptions. This is an excellent way of promoting upcoming events and special offers. It is also a great way of engaging your customers and keeping them up to date in real-time on the latest happenings in your salon. 

How to Create Your Post on Google Business Profiles

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Consider the following for a Google Business Profile post for your salon:

  • Decide on a goal and then on what you should post. Maybe it is about a new branch opening, a new product, or a new stylist. You can also post about an event or a change in business hours. 
  • Create a short description, with less than 1,500 characters, to go with the post. Consider using optimized words such as stylist or hair product. Make sure to do so naturally with the wording. 
  • Use videos and images to add interest to your post. 
  • Hit the “publish” button. The post will only remain online for about a week, so remember to post wisely.
  • Be prompt when responding to any customer reactions, whether positive or negative. Respond professionally to food critics or customer feedback about your staff. 

Advantages of Using Google Business Profile to Promote Your Salon

There are many benefits to claiming and utilizing your Google Business Profile and keeping it updated through regular posts. These include the following:

  • This is a free way of promoting your products, services, and salon through Google.
  • You can attract more customers by posting about your salon regularly.
  • Engaging with your customers through posts will help your salon do better with SEO ratings.
  • Including a CTA that directs customers to your website or scheduling system for your salon.
  • It is easy to share your Google Business Profile posts using your other social media outlets such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. Doing this will boost your online presence as well.


Many people begin their search for a new stylist online. They will google a business and read the reviews before booking an appointment. Updating your Google Business Profile page with engaging posts is a free way to market your business. There is no better way to build an online presence than by utilizing your Google Business Profile page and posts. 


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