Tips for Team Recognition

Don’t underestimate the importance of team recognition, but how do you recognize your team and show appreciation? The following tips will help you do that. 

Ways to Show Employee Recognition

Savvy small businesses offer awards, incentives, or other forms of compensation. Remember that while some employees prefer cash incentives, others like non-cash gifts better. Ask your team if you are unsure what type of recognition they would appreciate the most.

There are many ways to recognize your employees. It can be as simple as praising your team for their skills or accomplishing tough tasks. Even listening to your team can be a good way to show appreciation. Make time for feedback and recognition via regular check-ins with your team. This will let your employees know that you value their opinions. 

55% of Employees cite lack of recognition as the primary reason for switching jobs

Evaluate Whether Your Employees Feel Valued

Before you get too far into planning employee recognition, get a baseline of where you stand. The best way to do this is directly to ask employees if they feel valued. Surveys and one-on-one meetings are both good ideas. Remember, though; you are most likely to get honest feedback if the
answers are anonymous.

You may think you are doing well, but consider the 52.5% of employees would like to receive more recognition from their immediate management.  And 41% of them want more recognition from their coworkers.

Source: Vantage Circle Bonusly and Survey Monkey

Highlight What You Value, Not Just Accomplishments

Yes, you can recognize the concrete accomplishments that
your team members have achieved. But the most effective recognition will focus
on the things you value about them. This will feel more personal than just
acknowledging accomplishments or milestones. 

Recognize Employees Proactively

The best boost to morale and to ensure employees truly feel valued is to show your appreciation on a regular basis without an ulterior motive. Don’t just praise employees because you want something or because they did a specific task well. Of course, you can praise them for their achievements. But make it a point to show appreciation for their daily efforts.

If your praises are not prompted by measurable goals, the recognition seems much more genuine. Employees will take your praises to heart.

Recognize Behaviors You Hope to Encourage

Deciding what type of praise to give your employees is just as important as providing any at all.  You want to focus on the recognition of behaviors you hope to encourage.  This is a simple yet effective way of giving your team feedback.   Recognition lets them know that they are doing the right things, so they can continue to do them.

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Be Specific in Your Recognition

When recognizing the accomplishments of your team, be as specific as possible. This shows that you are paying close attention to your team and encourages them to continue their efforts.

Deliver Recognition Promptly

In the cases where you recognize your team for a specific accomplishment, do so promptly. Don’t wait months to recognize them, as this will seem less sincere. It also won’t encourage the behavior as much.

Bottom Line

Team recognition helps your employees feel valued. This, in turn, increases their engagement, productivity, and satisfaction. That translates into improved customer experience, higher profits, and being better equipped to attract and retain talent — all critical issues for a small business. Remember to provide recognition for major wins and smaller achievements, with methods of recognition ranging from awards, incentives, and simple thank-yous.


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